Artin Nazaryan

A trusted attorney who will fight for you

Artin Nazaryan is the principal attorney and founder of Nazaryan Law, APC. He specializes in spinal, brain, and other catastrophic injuries on personal injury matters. He also represents homeowners and business owners on insurance property damage claims (wildfire smoke and ash, flood, theft, wind, etc.) and insurance bad faith claims.

His passion to vigorously represent wronged individuals is fueled by the tragic losses of his own family members due to the negligence of others: his grandfather was killed by a careless motorcyclist while crossing the street; his three first-cousins (ages 18, 6, and 1.5), uncle, and aunt were killed by an underaged driver in a work truck; and, his 22-year-old uncle was killed while welding on the job when a negligent crane operator bumped into a nearby electrical box, electrocuting him to death.  

​Artin received his undergraduate degree in Psychology & Social Behavior from UC Irvine and his Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School. While at UC Irvine, he co-founded EVO Auto Collection, a highly-regarded auto dealership and brokerage. Since 2014, he has personally helped over 1,000 clients with their vehicle purchases/leases. During his tenure in law school, he served full-time externships with both Federal and State Court judges, including the honorable Stephen V. Wilson. He also served as an editor on Loyola’s Entertainment Law Review. ​

Recruited by the prominent and prestigious personal injury law firm, Dewitt Algorri & Algorri, he worked side-by-side with top trial attorneys including Ernest Algorri on numerous complex personal injury and wrongful death cases with damages ranging between 6 to 8 figures. According to Mr. Algorri himself, the firm never lost a single motion (or opposition to a motion) that Artin wrote. Some notable cases during his time there include: a lawsuit against a government entity for a dangerous road design, when a collision between a vehicle and teenager in a crosswalk left a teenage girl hemiplegic for the rest of her life (A 7 figure settlement was obtained); and a wrongful death suit involving punitive damages where a negligent forklift operator unloading multi-ton beams off a truck trailer caused the beams to roll off the trailer and crush the driver of the truck who was just standing nearby to death (A 7 figure settlement was obtained).

Artin is known for his unrivaled work ethic and attention to detail. He is truly passionate and sympathetic towards each client he represents. His experience, background, ability to connect with people, and genuine dedication to fight for what is right allows him to present the facts of each case in a way that truly resonates with and persuades his listeners. His vast experience in personal injury and property damage law, as well as his continued commitment to learn more than just the legal aspect of his practice areas, allows him to achieve top results for his clients. 

Outside of work, Artin enjoys spending time with his wife, family, friends, and two German Shepherd dogs (Athena and Zeus); He plays the accordion, violin, and synthesizer keyboard; he loves 90's and early 00's BMW M cars and has owned and enjoyed many collectibles throughout the years.

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